Flintpope has announced the release of Racky, a sound pack for Ableton 9.2 Suite with Push (or keyboard).

Two new Push 64-Pad Racks for playing tunes on as much as clicking beats out.

Racky C 64 is in C Major and has a 12 pad analog/realistic mix drum set, a 12 pad time-stretched atmospherics set, then above these are stacked five instruments with an octave each. These instruments range from two basses to a clipped piano via Analog pads, Tension strings and a Collision faux-guitar.

Racky Am 64 is in A Minor (Harmonic) and varies from the above not only in key but in a slightly different drum kit, re-worked atmospherics and a more mellow instrument set including Collision marimbas, an organ-like Analog pad, lusher strings and a dark bass.

Use these racks as a starter for something else, or just as they are.

Racky is a free download at Flintpope.

More information: Flintpope