Flintpope has announced its latest Multi FX unit for the Reaktor 6 MFX modular effect by Native Instruments.

The multi-effect includes an echo, filter (4-pole hi-pass, 4-pole lo-pass), reverb and chorus. You can combine effects by dialing the relevant level and mix up or down. Each effect comes with between four and seven dedicated controls.

Each dial has a dedicated info panel that opens up in the side pane of Reaktor. Or, if you have “Show Info Hints” selected in the “View” section of the Preferences drop-down, the info for each dial reveals itself if you hover the mouse.

An oscilloscope shows if a signal is passing through. View A is a dark skin, View B is light.

The unit comes with 17 presets that aim to show some of its capabilities.

Reaktor 6 Multi FX is available for $2 USD.

More information: Flintpope