Suture Sound has announced an update to Flip, a sample-based mobile music studio that was designed for a fast and intuitive work flow.

Flip now features Audiobus / Inter-App Audio support, improved sample browser navigation, and the ability to create your own folders.

Import your own sounds via AirDrop or the Files app, or record sounds directly with your device’s microphone or a connected iOS interface. As soon as you record a sound it’s available to be played on drum pads as well as being mapped across a keyboard. Sounds can be subtly shaped or entirely transformed using the built-in effects and easy-to-use editing tools.

Changes in Flip Sampler v1.1

  • Audiobus / Inter-App Audio support with multiple outputs, IAA start, stop, tempo-sync.
  • Sample Browser has 2 rows now with the ability to create, rename, delete folders.
  • Sample Browser Imports go to currently selected folder now.
  • Ability to import samples & projects from iOS Files app directly into Flip.
  • Background audio (settings) is deactivated by default now to save battery.
  • Store went to main navigation on the right.
  • Bugfix: Wrong sample rate on some devices when connected to headphones.
  • Bugfix: Filter glitch when switching from lowpass to high-pass.
  • (v1.1.1) Bugfix: Under certain conditions Flip did not play in IAA sessions.

The Flip Sampler is available from the App Store for $13.99 USD.

More information: Flip