The Loop Loft Flipped Drums Vol 2

The Loop Loft has launched Flipped Drums Vol 2, a new collection of drum loops.

Ready to go beyond breakbeats? Flipped Drums Vol 2 picks up where our critically acclaimed Vol 1 release left off… this time taking an even more daring approach to sound design and rhythms.

From bombastic, dub-tinged “wall of sound” drums, to tight and vintage sounding funk, you’ll find an endless source of inspiring grooves and samples that will get you out of the “standard” drum beat rut.

The library includes six unique sessions, each recorded on a different drum kit with an array of vintage preamps, high-end mics and that special Loop Loft attention to detail that will let these grooves shine in any mix.

Flipped Drums Vol 2 costs $39 USD. A bundle of Flipped Drums Vol 1 & 2 is available at a 30% savings.

More information: The Loop Loft / Flipped Drums Vol 2