Flo Audio has released the BBE Acoustimax + Sonic Maximizer IR Set, a free impulse response pack.

BBE Acoustimax + Sonic Maximizer

Here’s a brand new impulse set! This time i’ve chosen to go with an EQ as impulses work really well in that situation! The set holds 100 impulses, i tried to capture as many things as i could, and i threw in some custom curves when i was done with purely acquiring the basic curves.

I divided everything in three main categories:

EQ, with treble, mid, and bass folders
Notch, a few captures along the knob (it’s a – 6 db curve)
Sonic Maximizer, low and high + blend of both!

The impulse response pack is a free download. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Flo Audio / BBE Acoustimax + Sonic Maximizer IR Set