Flo Audio has announced the release of a set of Eventide Reverbs and Delays impulse responses.

Flo Audio Eventide Reverbs and Delays Impulse Set

Here’s an Impulse set of Eventide reverbs and delays from their PitchFactor pedal! I tried to capture as many useful sounds as possible, and in the end you’ll find 72 IRs divided in different folders corresponding to each algorithm: 910, Microshift, Quadravox, Crystal etc… I didn’t capture any presets, i just made them as i was doing it.

I even grabbed the filter from their ‘synth’ section, nothing special in there, but since i was at it, i thought ‘let’s do it’! Of course since this is IRs don’t expect it to have the pitch shifting abilities reproduced, as impulses won’t allow that, but you’ll get some nice stereo spreading, cool reverbs and delays, and as i said previously, useful sounds!

The IR pack is available at a “name your price”.

More information: Flo Audio / Eventide Reverbs & Delays IR pack