Flo Audio has announced the release of the Eventide Space – Shimmer Impulse Set, a collection of impulse responses from the Eventide Space pedal.

Flo Audio Eventide Space Shimmer

The first Eventide sets have been very popular among you all, in fact if every person who downloaded it gave 1e, i would have been releasing Eventide H3000 rips by now :D

Here is ’Shimmer’ captured from the Eventide Space pedal, I found this algo to be the most useful one of the bunch, and did quite a deep capture of it, 101 impulses!

Decay from 1 to 100 with Size from 5 to 80, covering most settings available..

I will release the other algorithms from the Space pedal in the coming weeks, (i’ve ripped it all during a 4 days capture binge lol), i will bundle them together for future releases when possible (the bonus downloads are limited in size)!

The IR pack is available as a free download (donationware).

More information: Flo Audio / Eventide Space – Shimmer Impulse Set