Flo Audio x Wooly Verb

Flo Audio has announced the release of Wooly Verb, a new impulse response pack featuring original reverb algorithms run through a Wooly Mammoth Fuzz pedal.

You got 11 impulses, they’re all kinda different in color but not in spirit. Some are longer, some are shorter, but they remain in what we’d call a mid verb setting, around 4 / 5 seconds for most of them.

They add what i feel as either a psychedelic vibe either a very epic feeling. It reminded me of the slow gear pedal by boss, with a more modern/cinematographic vibe! I have no doubts that you’ll enjoy them, for your own pleasure by plugging a guitar or what you have in it, or for work for you guys who compose music for tv/movies/games! You’ll no longer struggle to make another sting in the middle of a cue at the last minute :)

Wooly Verb is available for download at a “name your price”.

More information: Flo Audio / Wooly Verb