Flo Audio has announced the release of Free Eventide Impulse set part II, a new collection of impulse responses from the Eventide PitchFactor.

Flo Audio Eventide Impulse Responses Part 2

This time i hesitated between giving you precise tools or more creative ones, and in the end i’ve done a blend of both. For example, you’ll find 20 algorithms from Crystal with the reverb set at 50 and another 20 algorithms this time set at 100, all of them going from 0.1s to 2s. So you can choose the impulse you prefer depending on your song!

I’ll do my best to capture longer decays for an eventual next set! The other algorithms i sampled this time were once again the 910 and the Microshift, but also the Diatonic, Harmodulator and the filter from the pitchflex which gave nice results! All in all, i’ve managed to gather 80 impulses, which i hope will be useful to you all!

The impulse response set is a free download.

More information: Flo Audio / Free Eventide Impulse set part II