Fluffy Audio has announced the release of Trio Broz: Solo Cello, a cello instrument library for Native Instruments, featuring the sounds of a 1743 Louis Guersan made in Paris.

Fluffy Audio Broz Trio Solo Cello

Trio Broz: Solo Cello, for Kontakt 4.2.4 (and above), is a sample Cello inspired from the honest and compact Trio Broz sound. With its spontaneous dynamic heightening voice, supported by the powerful DCE, Trio Broz: Solo Cello is perfect for emotional and sensitive phrasing as well as energetic lines on a higher register.

Since the Cello is played by Klaus Broz, it naturally blends together with Trio Broz: Solo Violin, played by his sibiling Barbara.

Trio Broz: Solo Cello features

  • 6217 samples.
  • 5.56 GB ncw compressed sample pool (10 GB original sample size).
  • 3 mic positions with independent filtering controls.
  • 3.5 octaves note range.
  • Vibrato, non-vibrato + synthesized vibrato.
  • Staccato, Spiccato, Pizzicato articulations with 4 Round Robins.
  • DCE Engine to blend the dynamics.
  • 3 dynamic layers for sustained articulations.
  • Pitch-Wheel controlled sub articulations like crescendo, accented attack.
  • Two true-legato articulations: fingered legato and glissando.
  • Humanized tuning.
  • Automatic legato speed based on the analysis of your performance.
  • 17 Impulse Reverbs.
  • Animated GUI with many configurable parameters.
  • Ready-to-play presets.
  • Custom remappable CCs.

Trio Broz: Solo Cello is available for purchase for the introductory price of 79 EUR / $89 USD until August 15th, 2015 (regular 99 EUR / $109 USD). Requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or above, full version.

More information: Fluffy Audio / Trio Broz: Solo Cello