FluffyAudio has released Dominus Choir, a virtual choir instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Dominus Choir is made with two choirs from Italy, the female choir “La Rose” and the male choir “Novecento”, and sampled in the same hall where Rinascimento was produced.

“Dominus” in latin means “Lord” or “Master”. This word can be heard in many examples of sacred Christian Music.

Despite its noble origins, the choice of the name “Dominus” was actually inspired by Dominoes, the popular game that dates back to 13th century China and which spread out to Europe five centuries later.

In facts, the way the engine works resembles this ancient game. In Dominoes you connect the different tiles according to their value. Dominus Choir utilizes an engine which intelligently connects the different syllables by the vowels which both precede and follow the consonants.

The vowels are the glue that hold the words together. This system keeps the musicality and the realism of the original sessions intact, but also gives the user complete control over the duration of each part of the words built with the word editor.

In addition to this, Dominus features beautiful true-legato transitions for all the vowels in the library, capable of dealing with movements from the softest to the strongest dynamics, and, an intuitive polylegato engine that simply works as it should.

Dominus Choir features

  • 4 Stereo Mic Positions.
  • 30 gb installed (compressed in NCW format).
  • 24 bit / 48 kHz stereo.
  • Innovative and smooth engine with easy to use GUI.
  • True Legato for all vowels.
  • Complete control over the duration of each syllable.
  • 50 initial syllables + 150 middle/end syllables.
  • 3 keyboard layouts.
  • Sampled in a warm hall.
  • 200+ premade words.
  • 13 Reverb Presets.
  • Velocity Lock for precise tweaking of each note.
  • No unnecessary controls: instant fun!
  • Sleepless nights of editing and scripting.

Dominus Choir for Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher (full version) is on sale for the intro price of 319 EUR/USD until October 10th, 2017 (regular 379 EUR/USD).

More information: FluffyAudio / Dominus Choir