Flux has launched its 2018 Winter Sale, offering deep discounts on two plugin bundles for a limited time.

The sale includes the Full Pack 2.2, the complete range of Flux plugins for recording, mixing, remixing and mastering. The 11 plugins included are:

  • Alchemist v3.
  • Epure v3.
  • Solera v3.
  • Pure Compressor v3.
  • Pure DCompressor v3.
  • Pure Expander v3.
  • Pure DExpander v3.
  • BitterSweet Pro v3.
  • Pure Limiter v3.
  • Syrah v3.
  • Elixir v3.

Full Pack 2.2 is on sale for $449 USD / 399 EUR.

The IRCAM Studio collection offers three new generation studio effects. The creative toolbox includes effects for sound design, music creation and mixing, based on decades of research at IRCAM.

  • Ircam Trax v3.
  • Ircam Verb Session v3.
  • Ircam Verb v3.

IRCAM Studio is available for $399 USD / 349 EUR.

More information: Flux