Flux plug-ins

Flux has released version 2.0.10 of all its plug-ins.

Changes in Flux v2.0.10 plug-ins

  • VST (Mac):
    • For Steinberg software (Cubase & Nuendo): fixed a bug that lead the mouse to un-precise control of buttons with mouse.
    • Fixed a bug that lead to crash when exiting plug-ins.
    • Fixed session reloading issues between Mac Intel and PPC.
  • AudioUnit: Fixed a session reloading issue that appeared in v2.0.8.0.
  • All Plug-ins (Mac): It is now possible to control the “Old Automation State” more simply with the Mac OS Security Manager, with an entry in the file menu. The security manager is released in
  • Security (Windows): Fixed Flux Security Engine hang on some Vista 64 Home Premium SP1 systems.

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