FocuSound Sweet Cello / Violin

FocuSounds has annouced Sweet Cello and Sweet Violin, two titles in the new Sweet Series of sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The concept behind the ‘Sweet Series’ instruments is simple: To create musical, scripted-legato patches that you can play “on-the-fly” with great results!

Sweet Cello / Violin features

  • Gorgeous full-bodied cello / beautiful 1920 violin built in Paris by Emile L’Humbert.
  • Recorded with world-class recording gear in a professional studio.
  • Performed by a full-time, seasoned session musician in Los Angeles, California.
  • Incorporates unique performance techniques that treats specifically to scripted legato.
  • No static notes, each note breathes musically.
  • Dynamics controlled by modwheel (CC#1) which controls both volume and filter.
  • Patches that cater to a variety of musical applications/dynamics.
  • Ultra-low RAM and CPU footprint.
  • Patches include: Sultry, Dolce, Solo, Passion.
  • Also includes direct-recorded, 4½ octave electric cello / electric violin.

The Sweet Cello and Violin libraries are available to purchase for $49 USD each.

More information: FocuSounds