Focusrite has announced a limited-time offer on its intuitive FAST Bundle, offering over 85% off on the collection of intuitive AI plugins that lets you transform your ideas into polished, studio-quality tracks.

The FAST Bundle is designed to keep users in the creative flow, allowing them to focus on making music. This essential mixing toolkit helps users turn their ideas into release-ready tracks to be shared with the world. Focusrite’s powerful AI adapts settings to users’ audio and instruments, achieving exceptional results effortlessly. Users can dive deeper and access all controls to fine-tune settings, perfecting results that suit their music.

The FAST Bundle includes:

  • FAST Limiter: A powerful mastering tool designed to perfect tracks for streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. It allows users to emulate the sound of their favorite artists with Reference Mastering functionality while using a graphic visualizer to make informed decisions during the mastering process.
  • FAST Equaliser: An AI-powered mixing plugin that simplifies the process of balancing audio. By analyzing audio and automatically adding EQ filters, this plugin helps users achieve a perfect mix with minimal effort, allowing them to stay focused on music creation.
  • FAST Compressor: Utilizing AI technology to quickly control audio dynamics, this plugin is designed to keep users in the creative flow. It ensures their sound remains consistent and polished, allowing them to focus on what’s important: making music.
  • FAST Reveal: An innovative plugin that creates space between tracks competing for attention in a mix. By automatically balancing foreground and background signals, FAST Reveal provides the clarity users need to make their mixes shine, allowing them to concentrate on staying creative.
  • FAST Verb: An AI-powered reverb plugin that adds depth and a natural sound to voice and instruments. The smart:engine quickly finds the right reverb for users’ audio, giving them studio-quality sound in seconds, while offering options to tailor the sound to their track’s mood.

The bundle is available to purchase for £49.98 GBP (incl. VAT) until May 4th, 2023. To take advantage of this offer, use coupon code FASTBUNDLESPRING23 for one-time purchase license payments at the checkout.

More information: Focusrite