Focusrite has announced the ISA428 MkII, a premium four-channel mic preamp supporting an optional eight-channel A-D converter.

The ISA428 MkII features four of Focusrite’s classic ISA preamps, originally developed for the legendary Forté console. It supports the same professional eight-channel A-D converter option used with the ISA828. The A-D converter accepts four line inputs in addition to the signals passing through the main channels of the ISA428 MkII, creating eight high-quality digital streams with a superb 122dB dynamic range. Thanks to its convenient 25-pin D-Type connector, the A-D converter option integrates seamlessly with most digital workstations, including Pro Tools HD.

Mirroring the feature set of the original, each ISA428 MkII channel has a variable impedance circuit allowing you to perfectly match the preamp with any microphone, or to use different settings creatively to shape the sound of the microphone. Adjustable high-pass filters as well as phantom power and phase reverse controls are easily accessible on the front panel.

When designing the ISA428 MkII, the Focusrite R&D team were determined to maintain the pristine sound quality of its predecessor, but introduce it at a new level of affordability. To that end, the exact same analogue circuit board can be found in both the original and MkII derivations of the ISA428.

Focusrite ISA428 MkII

ISA428 MkII key features

  • Four ISA series transformer-based preamps – ISA series mic preamps have been the producers’ choice on countless hit records over the last two decades.
  • Eight-channel optional A-D converter – Four additional A-D converter inputs allow eight channels of high-quality conversion, with a dynamic range of 122dB and jitter performance below 250 picoseconds.
  • Selectable impedance – Ideal for mic matching or extended microphone creativity. Settings include the ‘Vintage ISA110’ setting, providing the original Focusrite signature sound.
  • Four front panel instrument inputs – Instant access on the front fascia – no separate DI box required.
  • Dedicated analogue insert points – Switchable insert points are featured on every channel, allowing routing (between pre-amp and output) through additional external processing.
  • Variable high pass Focusrite filter – Provided on every channel, this is the same filter as featured on the original ISA428.
  • Accurate LED meters for every channel – Clear metering designed to catch even the fastest and most elusive of transients.

The ISA428 MkII is expected to be available worldwide in late 2010.

More information: Focusrite / ISA428 MkII