Food4Samplers has launched Analog Drum Loops – LEPLOOP, a sample pack featuring loops sequenced with the LEPLOOP analog groove box.

The Loops in this pack range from half a bar to 4 bars long, and have been carefully edited to loop seamlessly from start to finish to start… They were all sequenced within the LEPLOOP analog groove box. No Digital processing has been applied, only subtle fades to prevent clicks.

You may think “only 89 Loops?”………but some loops contain many different elements, some differ subtly (“8 Bar Fast n Hard” contains 32 similar Bass Drums) or in the case of the loop “WaveSequence” there are 8 vastly different percussive elements that you may edit and be creative with (eg. you can create a whole drum kit with one Loop) or Halloween Bells with 19 different Bells and percussive elements.
There are only a couple of loops that sound similar to each other and these have been included as the waveforms differ and are great to provide a subtle variation.

Analog Drum Loops – LEPLOOP features

  • 89 loops, 24bit/44.1Khz WAV format.
  • 4 Folders: 46 Bass Drum Loops, 14 Bass Loops, 6 Melody Loops, and 23 Percussive Loops.

The pack is available for purchase for $12 USD.

More information: Food4Samplers