Leafcutter John has announced the release of the successor to the original Forester software that offers a journey into the sonic forest.

Now available for Max 8 on Mac (Intel & M1), and Windows computers, Forester 2022 currently features 12 generators and 11 effects that make up a unique and inspiring modular sonic playground.

Played like an instrument and good at making work feel fun! Brilliant for working with: Field recordings, Stems, Whole tracks, Live inputs of all kinds.

Forester is a living thing and will be updated regularly (at least every month for the first year 2022). There will be new Generators and Effects periodically which will extend Forester’s capabilities.

The pre-version 1 of Forester 2022 is available as donationware, priced £40 GBP or £20 GBP for students/unwaged. It is free to those who have previously donated to Leafcutter John’s software development fund.

More information: Leafcutter John