Forgotten Keys has launched FK13: Korg Mini-Pops 3 (AKA Univox SR-55), a virtual drum machine instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Forgotten Keys Korg Mini-Pops 3 (aka Univox SR-55 & Aria Diamond) for Kontakt.

The MP-3 or SR-55, depending or where it was purchased, is an all analogue drum machine from the 1970s. Although it has less sounds that the MP-7/SR-95 it has more rhythm patterns due to the 36 variations of the swing/foxtrot rhythm.

The nine sounds are similar to the equivalents of the MP-7/SR-95 though the bass and cymbals are a little different. If you already have my FK1 Kontakt instrument there will not be a lot new here but I thought it was worth doing for a “no-brainer” price as I believe the current expression goes.

FK13: Korg Mini-Pops 3 features

  • 9 multi-sampled sounds.
  • 20 combinable re-created rhythms with 36 variations of the foxtrot/swing rhythm.
  • Volume, pan, tune and mute for each sound.
  • Note input and audio output routing.

The sample library costs £3 GBP.

More information: Forgotten Keys