Fors has announced an update to its Superberry supersaw synthesizer for Ableton Live Suite 10.1 and Max for Live.

Superberry 2.0 comes with a completely new look and re-written sound engine, various enhancements and a whole new sonic landscape to explore. It also includes 64 presets and a built-in manual.

We have come a long way since the release of Superberry back in late 2020, but it remains one of our favorite instruments. We wanted to use what we’ve learned through this time and bring Superberry up to par with our latest and greatest instruments.

So, we proudly present version 2.0 of the Max for Live version of Superberry.

Superberry features

  • Super sharp Superwave Oscillator.
  • Stackable Sub Oscillator.
  • Ordinary AHR Envelope.
  • Diffusing Dual Delay.
  • Morphing LFO Modulator.
  • Poly/Asymmetric Roulette Sequencer with up to 16 voice polyphony.

Superberry 2.0 is priced 29 EUR. The update is free for users of Superberry 1.x.

More information: Fors