Fors has announced an update to its MPE-enabled Max for Live device inspired by the culture and methodology pioneered by early electronic performance instruments.

Version 1.1 of Chiral adds Jitter, a modulation source which can introduce random parameter drifts.

The update also introduces micro tuning and full Push integration alongside UI tweaks and fixes.

What still resonates with us today is the search for newness, not replicating acoustic & familiar sounds or to conform to expectations of what a synthesizer should sound like.

Through atypical methods of sound-shaping and a vast routing matrix, Chiral embodies a similar unconforming, exploratory attitude and is built to encourage the same in you. At each point along the path, Chiral’s parameters have been tuned to bend beyond & navigate outside of typical synthesis boundaries.

Chiral is available for purchase from Fors and at the Ableton shop as an official Pack, priced 29 EUR (ex. VAT where applicable). The update is free to owners of Chiral.