Forward Audio has introduced faTimeAlign, a professional time and phase alignment plugin that offers accurate sub-sample precision and a unique intuitive user interface.

Forward Audio faTimeAlign

If you are looking for a reliable workhorse to adjust the phase correlation and timing of your drum, guitar or vocal recording you may have found your dream candidate. Time Alignment is a delicate and often time consuming task, so you want nothing less than the best possible solution: Easily adjust your tracks, relatively to the other tracks, with positive or negative delays and make A/B comparisons to absolutely nail the correct setting.

But that’s not enough! You can also arrange your tracks into different sub-groups and delay them relative to each other to align different instruments or instrument groups.

faTimeAlign features

  • Ultra high sub-sample precision of 0.000001 samples.
  • Time delays between -44.000 and +44.000 samples (+/- 1 second @ 44 kHz).
  • Apply negative time delays relative to the other tracks.
  • Apply sub-groups and delay them relative to each other.
  • Phase invert.
  • Compensation of time delays between microphones to avoid comb filter distortion.
  • Phase alignment of varying microphone distances via DAW automation.
  • Upsampling between 2x and 32x.
  • A/B comparisons.
  • 4 different input units (ms, foot, meter & samples) for all possible needs.
  • Intuitive delay knob with adjustable min and max values for narrow delay spans.
  • Unique intuitive user interface.
  • Supports Samplerates between 44.100 – 192.000 Hz.

faTimeAlign for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3/AU) is available for the intro price of $49 USD. The plugin will be available in July 2018.

More information: Forward Audio