Forward Audio has released its guitar cabinet impulse response pack faIR – MARSH 1960A LE, a collection of impulse responses of the infamous Marshall 1960A cabinet.

Forward Audio faIR Marsh 1960A LE

For this pack, Forward Audio used the 1995 Limited Edition in red, of which only 200 units were built.

The Marshall 1960A cabinet is the most iconic and best-selling guitar cabinet in history. AC/DC, Nirvana, Green Day, RHCP, Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton and a lot more artists have used this cabinet in their recordings for decades. The chance that one of your favorite records is made with a Marshall 1960 is close to 100%.

The cabinet this IR pack is based upon is more than just a „normal“ Marshall 1960A. It‘s the 1995 Limited Edition in red which was usually shipped with a Marshall JCM 800 head (also in red). Only 200 units of this particular type were produced.

The cabinet comes with 4 Celestion G12-T75 speakers, which are carefully captured to spark in your mix!

The IR pack includes the following formats:

  • WAV (24-bit / 96 kHz).
  • AIF (24-bit / 96 kHz).
  • Kemper Profiling IRs (kipr-files).
  • S-Gear (different Sample-rates).

The pack is available for 8 EUR / $9 USD incl. VAT.

More information: Forward Audio