Fracture Sounds has introduced a new Kontakt Player-powered piano instrument designed for emotive scoring.

The new flagship piano sample library Spotlight Piano is a sampled Steinway Model D, recorded in a reverberant concert hall with an array of microphone positions. It comes with 10 atmosphere layers (warped and fx layers derived from the original piano samples and more) which result in an array of 21 unique presets.

Spotlight Piano follows on from our highly regarded series of “character pianos” (Woodchester Piano, Midnight Grand, Glacier Keys). Drawing upon our countless hours of experience sampling pianos in recent years, we set out to create the ultimate scoring piano.

We returned to the same hall as Midnight Grand and Glacier Keys, and captured the same glorious Steinway D Concert Grand – this time in its pure form (without the felt, cotton or extended techniques of our previous pianos) but still retaining Fracture Sounds’ sonic signature and ease-of-use, and with even more detail and nuance than our previous pianos.

Spotlight Piano was designed with delicate, emotional, cinematic scoring in mind, but with its plethora of intuitive sonic shaping and performance tweaking controls, in addition to the 21 carefully curated presets included, this concert grand will fit comfortably into a wide range of musical styles.

The library is on sale for the introductory price of £89 GBP until June 13th, 2023 (regular £129 GBP).

More information: Fracture Sounds