Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of an April Fool’s Day sale on Freakshow Industries, offering a discount of up to 46% off on Freakshow’s audio effects for a few days only.

The plugins are on sale starting from £9.95 GBP/ $13 USD:

  • MISHBY, little tape machine that couldn’t. Twisted by forbidden science. Manipulated by the parasitic consciousness of a long-forgotten terror. It is a tape emulation disaster inspired by cheap cassette decks that nobody cared about, from companies that no longer exist.
  • Backmask, a chaotic reverser plugin inspired by a nostalgia for the sunny days of demon cult hysteria. Back when shadows were lurking around every corner, under every object, infecting the precious youth with subliminal brainwashing signals. Simpler times.
  • Dumpster Fire is what its name sounds like, a preventable tragedy of arbitrary pitch rotation. Featuring the latest in anti-utility advancements, it is not meaningful or intuitive. This information will not help you.

The Back Alley Bundle comprising all three plugins is £34.95 GBP / $42 USD during the promotion, which ends April 4th, 2022.

More information: Freakshow Industries