Freaky Loops Futuristic Electronica

Freaky Loops has released Futuristic Electronica, a sample pack featuring emotive and anthemic sounds, memorable melodies, shuffled grooves and magnificent futuristic vibes ready to take you away to another dimension.

“Futuristic Electronica” throws you deep into blissed-out electronica. From warm and smooth bass to swung and corrupted slo-mo beats, bright and buzzy synths to lo-fi smooth keys, soulful and gritty chords to euphoric plucks, hazy and dusty atmospheric textures to spacey and otherworldly pads, deep and filtered chord movements to crispy ’n’ crunchy snares, soft analogue kicks to found sound percussions, silky arpeggios to elegant melodics, cosmic-style FXs to ethereal vox and organic instrument loops including deep atmospheric guitars, cinematic flute melodies, ethnic pipes, warped pianos, dreamy harps, orchestral strings and emotive mallets – it’s all here and waiting for you to be discovered. Jump right in!!

“Futuristic Electronica” primed for use everything from smooth electronica to future RnB, dusty chill-wave to intricate trip-hop, abstract to experimental, future bass to ambient, melodic techno to deep dubstep, timeless chill-step to future beats, downtempo to cinematic and beyond. If you are looking for highly creative electronica infused loops and samples then this pack will be a valuable addition to your core-library.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Freaky Loops / Futuristic Electronica