Fred Anton Corvest has announced a new multi-band audio effect for iOS.

FAC Bandit splits the audio into three bands defined by adjustable crossover points, allowing you to process each band independently by its own effect processor.

Each frequency range is altered with different effects and settings that won’t sound the same if applied on the full frequency range. As you have probably realized, FAC Bandit is a wonderful and powerful sound design tool for designers who want to sculpt new personal, exciting and outstanding sounds. Either in a subtle way, without compromising the original tone, or in a more drastic way.

FAC Bandit features

  • Multiband effect processor.
  • DJ style bands isolator with crossover control.
  • Each single band provides its own effect with mix blending control.
  • Comes with built-in effects: Saturator, Lofi and Ring Modulator.
  • Extendable, more effect coming.
  • Include various presets for inspiration.
  • Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic change.
  • iOS Audio Unit V3.

FAC Bandit is to pre-order now at a discounted price. It will be available April 22nd, 2019.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest