Fred Anton Corvest has announced an update to the FAC Drumkit 16-voice drum synthesizer and stereo sample player app for iOS.

Everyone agrees that the drums are a very important key element of almost every genre out there, they are the foundation of a song. We are all fans of acoustic drums and drum machines, they each have different characters and strengths. FAC Drumkit combines both worlds, samples and synthesis, in order to provide new exciting and unique sounds.

Changes in FAC Drumkit v2.6.3

  • Max time updated from 1s to 4s, applies to both samples and envelopes.
  • Addition of Velocity Amount for SMP, OSC I & II.
  • Pitch Modulation (Controlled by external MIDI Control Change). The depth of the modulation can be set per control points (MAX 3) or on the whole envelope.
  • Addition of ring modulation between OSC I and II.
  • Addition of a soft clipper (for each voice).
  • Voice renaming.
  • A new preset demoing the new features.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

The AUv3 instrument is available on the App Store for $17.99 USD.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest