Fred Anton Corvest has announced an update for the Fac Phazer app for iOS.

Version 1.1 comes with some new models and waveforms, additional presets, and more.

FAC Phazer will satisfy most fans of phasing effects, and will seduce them by its rich sonic palette offer along with its elegant interface. To get the classic phase effect, the original signal is blended with a slightly out of phase copy of itself. Altering the timing difference between both signals will produce the swooshing kind of sound.

Changes in Fac Phazer

  • Add two new models: Midori And Step.
  • Add new waveforms: Fall, Rise and Sample & Hold.
  • Addition of new presets.
  • Addition of UI markers for data ranges (center freq and lfo knobs).
  • Fix center freq and lfo ranges.
  • Various fixes and improvement.

FAC Phazer is available from the App Store for $5.99 USD.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest