Frederikson Labs has released version 2.5 of vosyr, the free manager software for the volca sample hardware sample sequencer by Korg.

Frederikson Labs vosyr volca sample manager v2.5

With vosyr you can manage and organize samples and sequences and transfer it to the volca sample via its “SYNC-IN” input.

Changes in vosyr v2.5

  • Added semitone mode to the speed parameter encoder and speed motion data editor.
  • Added swing to the preview sequencer.
  • Added reverb to the preview sequencer.
  • Added numbers and value display to motion steps and reorganized them into groups for better usability.
  • Added motion data link feature for step programmable parameters that have start and end values.
  • Added the ability to add multiple samples with a file dialog window.
  • All rotary encoders, like the whole GUI, are resizable now.
  • Minor GUI and style improvements.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

vosyr is a free download for Windows and Mac.

More information: Frederikson Labs