Audio Plugin Deals has launched a limited time promotion on the TwoShot App, offering a one month subscription for free for the next few days.

The app that aims to make music sampling simple was recently updated to let you explore the stems of samples, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on in each sample. You can now also augment samples with the new AI Editing feature, which automatically split samples into stems, or even generate new samples, by stylizing the original sample.

If you love music sampling, you need to try Twoshot. TwoShot is the ultimate app for finding and licensing samples from a huge community library of over 150,000 sounds.

Whether you need vocal chops, 808s, or hyper-pop melodies, TwoShot has it all. You can search and preview samples in seconds, and then drag and drop them into your DAW with the TwoShot plugin. No hassle, no stress, just pure creativity. TwoShot is trusted by industry professionals and used by thousands of producers around the world.

The offer expires March 30th, 2023.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals