Audec has released adc-Crush, adc-Ring and adc-Vibrato, three free audio effect plugins for Mac.

Audec Crush, Ring & Vibrato

All three plugins offer a minimal amount of controls in a straightforward interface.

The bitcrusher includes a gain control (-12 to 12dB), and stepless quantize and downsample.

The ring modulator that offers four different waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square & Saw) and a frequency parameter that runs from 0.1 to 10kHz, while the vibrato/frequency modulation effect comes with 5 waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw Down & Saw Up), the same 0.1 to 10kHz frequency control, and a knob to set depth.

Each plugin also has controls for dry/wet and volume (-12 to 12dB).

Audec’s effects are available as VST/AU plugins for Mac OS 10.9 or newer (64-bit).

More information: Audec