Isotonik Studios has introduced a sample pack featuring one-shot drum samples that are designed to imitate acoustic drums.

Fake Acoustic Drums by Chaos Culture contains 512 unique drum sounds, including kicks, snares, percussions, claps, hihats, cymbals and toms.

Although synthesizers were purposefully used in the creation of these sounds, the point is that the resulting samples should not sound like a typical drum machine. No kick drums that consists only of a sine wave with a click, instead those sounds make use of a lot of noise and texture layers to mask the fact that they are synthesized.

But at the same time, these sounds are specifically not actual recordings of real drums. It’s a limitation that gives these sounds something uncanny and unique. Despite the fact that a lot of processing has been applied in order to achieve these results, they are not overly compressed or distorted. They are versatile and can easily be modified to fit into various mixes and music genres.

The pack is available for Ableton Live 10.1 or higher, and all samples are available as .Wav audio files as well for use in any other DAW/sampler.

More information: Isotonik Studios