United Plugins has announced that FireSonic’s compressor effect plugin is available for free for the next few days.

FirePresser features 4 compressors based on exacting emulations of iconic vintage analog designs that can be blended at the same time in series.

As any serious mix and/or recording engineer worth their salt should surely know, natural yet powerful sounding compression can be achieved by using multiple hardware compressors in series — several compressor plug-ins positioned as DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) track inserts will do the trick, too. There is no need, necessarily, to go to such extreme lengths to achieve this when working with FirePresser.

For every situation where compression is needed, FirePresser provides easy access to exacting emulations of four iconic analogue compressors, clearly labelled (left to right) as VARIMU (coloured green), STRESS (coloured red), DB160 (coloured blue), and 76 (coloured yellow) in an uncomplicated user interface that allows all of them to be blended with the greatest of ease, letting lush analogue-sounding compression weave its musical magic upon any source material in next to no time at all. Anyone at all familiar with those iconic analogue compressors will readily recognise their corresponding compression characteristics in FirePresser — one tool to rule them all!

Regularly priced 99 EUR / $110 USD, FirePresser for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is free from the United Plugins store and at distributor Plugin Boutique until April 16th, 2023.