W.A. Production is offering a new FL Studio template pack as a free download. G House Miner is a production template designed to show you the fundamentals of G House tracks.

WA Production G House Miner for FL Studio

The royalty free pack includes a project file for FL Studio 20 with 15 samples, 8 MIDI files, 9 synth presets for Serum and Sylenth1, and 10 stems.

G House Miner is a full Construction Kit that comes in the key of “Gm” and a 124 BPM tempo. This is the typical tempo for G House music, the key was just what we thought sounded good. In this pack you get the Stems of the track we created, the Presets used in the project (for this one we used Serum and Sylenth1), the MIDI for at the stems so you can create your own version of the project with your own sounds, and an FLP (Fruity Loops Project) of the project so you can see exactly how it was created with the mixer and master channels.

The FLP shows the exact project we created. You can look at things in the mixer to see how we did our mix down and exactly how we mastered the track. You can see what effects we used on our instruments and copy them if you like them as well as see our arrangement process. There are so many things to learn from this pack it’s insane!

The template pack is free to download to registered W.A. Production users (registration is also free).

More information: W.A. Production