Wavparty has launched a free sample pack titled featuring a collection of one shots, loops, and Ableton Live instruments created with the sounds of the Pico Drum2 digital percussion synthesizer Eurorack module from Erica Synths.

Many of the sounds in this pack are recorded directly from the Drum2 with no processing, others are run through numerous filters and effects. The loops are all recorded from a single Drum2 subjected to heavy modulation and processing.

The pack includes:

  • Ableton pack with 10 instruments.
  • 17 loops.
  • 34 percussion sounds.
  • 25 kick drums (10 of them tuned to C).
  • 18 snares.
  • 18 melodic/synth sounds (tuned to C).
  • 9 claps.
  • 8 high hats.

The samples in this pack are in 44.1kHz/16bit mono Wav format (loops are stereo).

More information: Wavparty