Mildon Studios has released the Pringles Drumkit SFZ, a free sound library featuring the sounds of a pringles can.

It’s natural for us musicians to turn everyday objects (or snacks) into musical instruments, it’s in our blood. But even non-musicians can easily discover the musical potential of a half-empty can of Pringles. Listen to this delicious demo.

This famous canister starts crackling as soon as it leaves the table and doesn’t stop until you put it back down. With a little effort and the right slapping/shaking/tapping/chip-scratching/biting technique, we’ve turned this potato crisp popper into a complete drum machine.

We didn’t do a lot of processing to the samples to preserve the raw crumby sound, except for a few slaps and taps that had to be layered to get the ‘kick’ and ‘snare’ to sound big enough. A little bluemix here and there, some compression, that’s it.

We selected a few samples from about a hundred to be a part of this kit, so you can expect another crackly kit soon. It gave us a lot of fun, and now it’s your turn to make some crunchy beats!

The SFZ is a free download at Mildon Studios.