Over the years, Jason Beggs has released a lot of free sample libraries and Reaktor goodies as MrTheBigMan and Multiples.

Since Jason’s website is no longer available, he has kindly allowed me to host some of the downloads here.

Sample packs


Airfix — A collection of 32 modelled sounds in WAV and Maschine formats.

 WAV — Download size: 16 MB
 Maschine — Download size: 16 MB


Arps features 20 sounds with 5 arpeggio loops each each, recorded using the Subtractor synth in Reason.

 WAV — Download size: 193 MB

E|Loops Series

E|Loops X1 features 200 loops from the E|Drums Kit, at 120bpm, all 8 bars in length, E|Loops X2 and E|Loops X3 include 100 loops each. Check the audio demos below to get an idea of what kind of loops are included.

E|Loops X1:  WAV /  Apple Loops /  REX (353 MB / 220 MB / 144 MB)
E|Loops X2:  WAV /  Apple Loops /  REX (220 MB / 220 MB / 99 MB)
E|Loops X3:  WAV (99 MB)

Also available are some Reaktor sample maps for  E|Loops X2 (36 MB) and  E|Loops X3,  E|Drums Kit Arsenal (8 MB), and  E|Kicks 02 (1 MB).

FM Bass

FM Bass — 20 separate sets of sounds multi-sampled for use in any sampler you choose to use along with patches within the usual Multiples Pro suspects along the notes of C1 to C3 using the now legendary FM8.

Multiples FM Bass

 WAV — Download size: 121 MB
 Kontakt — Download size: 121 MB
 Maschine — Download size: 75 MB
 ReFill — Download size: 28 MB

Incidental FX

Incidental FX — 100 impact, explosion and riser/downer sounds for use in creating transitions. All were create using a multitude of drum sounds and vocal sounds and the effects were done with Guitar Rig.

 WAV — Download size: 37 MB

Mini Synths

Mini Synths features 20 separate synth sounds sampled at c2 – created with the Jupiter 8 synth and then effected through Guitar Rig.

 WAV — Download size: 2 MB

OneShot Killbot

OneShot Killbot is a collection of 200 one shot samples covering bass and lead sounds.

 WAV — Download size: 57 MB

Padded Cell series

Padded Cell Granulab and Padded Cell Rebirth feature a collection of pads and soundscapes made from various recordings, using granular synthesis in Absynth.

Padded Cell Granulab:

  •  WAV — Download size: 573 MB

Padded Cell Rebirth:

Some Reaktor sample maps are also available:  Padded Cell Aftermath (1.11 GB),  Padded Cell Granulab (623 MB), and  Padded Cell Rebirth (5.5 MB).

Sub Bass series

Sub Bass Vol 1 & 2 each feature 10 multisampled sub bass sounds from c1-c3.

Multiples Sub Bass Vol 2

Vol 1:  WAV /  Kontakt /  Maschine — Download size: 82 MB / 41 MB / 26 MB
Vol 2:  WAV /  Kontakt — Download size: 72 MB / 65 MB

Reaktor Ensembles


MP-1 – The Evolution of the MPBASIC synthesiser, which is also still available for download  here.

Multiples MP-1

 MP-1 — Download size: 562 KB

MPSampler mk1

MPSampler mk1 is a sampler instrument with a multi-mode filter and 2 LFO’s, auto-pan, chorus, timbre, stereo image and a bit crusher.

 MPSampler mk1 — Download size: 418 KB

The following sample maps are available for the sampler as well:


Comb-I is a comb filter that is then fed through your choice of Distortion/Saturation fed into a filter with your choice of Low Pass/Formant filters.

Multiples Comb-I

 Comb-I — Download size: 975 KB

Reaktor Toolbox

Reaktor Toolbox – v3.0 features a collection of macros, including a doppler, echo delay, filter matrix, flanger, limiter, leslie, sample mash, super saw, tape reverse, and lots more.

 Reaktor Toolbox – v3.0 — Download size: 183 KB

You can find some more info on these downloads at the MrTheBigMan Facebook page.