Sonic Charge has released a free Specular firmware for its Permut8 effect plugin.

Sonic Charge Permut8 Specular

To celebrate that we are finally leaving 2016 behind we have created a new firmware for Permut8 called Specular. I call it a “spectral resynthesizer”. It is FFT based and can be used to create spacey reverbs and “glassy soundscapes”. I think it sounds cool on anything from full acoustic recordings to synth sounds.

I thought it had a fitting sound for a Christmas gift, but we didn’t quite finish it in time for last weekend. Notice that I’m really stretching what is possible CPU-wise with the virtual machine inside Permut8. I had never imagined releasing heavy FFT based effects written in this invented assembly language. So be prepared for a heavy toll on your CPU (something like 25% per instance). Bouncing is your friend. :)

Hope you like it. As always, to load the firmware, just open the .p8bank file in Permut8.

The Specular firmware is a free download at the Sonic Charge forum.
Permut8 is available for purchase from Plugin Boutique for $79 USD incl. VAT.

More information: Sonic Charge / Permut8