Bedroom Producers Blog has teamed up with Synth Magic to offer a free Kontakt instrument library featuring the sounds of classic analog synthesizers.

The freebie includes 25 individual presets and 15 multi-patches based on authentic analog synth tones. A fully customized Kontakt front panel allows you to adjust sound parameters such as filter cutoff and frequency, envelope, effects, and more.

The library includes 18 multi-sampled analog synth patches which can be used for the waveform sound source, bringing the sounds of classic instruments like the Polymoog, Crumar Trilogy, Korg PE-2000, ARP Quadra, and more.

Many thanks to Synth Magic for providing this awesome freebie for all BPB readers. Make sure to check out their online store if you’d like to add more multi-sampled analog synths to your sample arsenal. Most of their premium sound packs are currently on sale!

The Synth Magic freebie is a free download for the full version of Kontakt.

More information: Bedroom Producers Blog