3ee has announced a collection of patches for u-he’s free Tyrell Nexus 6 software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

u-he TyrellN6

u-he’s Tyrell Nexus 6 with 80’s skin by nBeat.

Been a while since I’ve released something so… here it is:
Vaseline for u-he TyrellN6 (version 2)

Mainly thick, greasy, “sweetspot” as well as “modern” bass and lead patches. Try MW and AT, almost all patches have them assigned.

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy this small(20+), but classy collection… and even though I have Diva, TyrellN6 is sure keeping me company a little while longer too!

Download the Vaseline soundset here.

More information: u-he / TyrellN6