Bela D Media has announced that a purchase of the new Paravox youth soprano library comes with a free copy of Vocal Tools Soprano or Vocal Tools Tenor for a limited time only.

Bela D Media Paravox Youth Soprano

Paravox is a youth Soprano voice with a soft and lyrical tone powered Bela D Media’s newest GUI and a stream-lined V script. Paravox includes vocal elements, chromatically sampled mini melodies and various effects such as prayers, whispers, nursery rhymes, hymns and ghostly breaths.

For a limited time, the purchase of the newly released Paravox youth soprano library awards a FREE copy of Vocal Tools Soprano or Vocal Tools Tenor. The FREE download URL will be emailed after the Paravox watermarks have been assigned to the purchaser.

The offer will expire on January 13th, 2017. Use coupon code 00010 at the checkout to receive an additional 5% discount on a purchase.

More information: Bela D Media