ModeAudio has released a new sample pack titled Fresh Air, featuring over 300 New Age Ambient loops.

The serene babble of a quiet stream; the soothing whistle of wind stroking forest leaves; the joyful chatter of birds calling through streaks of sunshine. Join us on a journey through the iconic scenes of New Age and environmental sound with our most calming collection of sounds yet, Fresh Air – New Age Ambient Loops!

Unplug your next DAW session from the trials and tribulations of contemporary life and drift on a cloud of buoyant sound with this 828MB offering of royalty-free music loops and MIDI, embodying the ecological spirit and meditative philosophy of New Age, Ambient and environmental music.

The sample pack is priced £18 GBP. Also available is the new Mini Pack series Processed Field Recordings, a collection of 24 royalty-free samples brimming with subtle sonic detail and natural movement.

Birds soar in the bright blue sky as grass whispers in the breeze over the dunes. The sun bears down on the soft sands and as you start to fall asleep, you hear strange timbres shimmering in the distance – welcome to the deeply immersive and evocative sound of our latest Mini Pack, Processed Field Recordings!

Processed Field Recordings costs £8 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio