Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 3

Freshly Squeezed Samples has announced the release of Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 3, a new MIDI pack produced in collaboration with David Sherlock and Nils Huzen (Talamanca).

This product contains 295+ truly release quality uplifting, progressive and driving trance MIDI construction kits, each containing associated MIDI files, FL Studio project file, MP3 demonstration and synthesizer presets for every melodic element.

Each MIDI construction kit is either 16 or 32 bars in length and all kits contain interesting chord variations and ‘tweaks’ on the last 8-16 bars – something we felt allot of other MIDI packs lacked in the past. Additionally, multiply elements are included per kit such as pads, chord leads, arpeggios, plucks, basses, sub melodies and much more. Fundamentally, the construction kits are complete tracks (or break down melodies) with all the core elements being included to inspire your own productions.

Every kit is organized into a neat folder structure (with BPM and key labelling in place), with MP3 demonstration and FL Studio project file included in every folder, so you can start working instantly once you find a kit that inspires you.

The pack is available for purchase for £44 GBP.

More information: Freshly Squeezed / Trance MIDI Essentials Vol 3