FrettedSynth SlowBeer audio gate plug-in

FrettedSynth has released SlowBeer, an audio gate with very fast tracking (starts at about -60db and seems to be quite smooth on the gate close).

SlowBeer features

  • Gate control
  • ADSR controls
  • Very low CPU usage, Zero latency with a fade in of about 1.5ms
  • 4 versions are included in the download:
    • Mono gate
    • Stereo gate
    • Mono gate side chained
    • Stereo gate side chained

Tips from the developer:

  1. Gate sets the input-threshold, at MIN it needs about 0db to trigger the gate, at MAX it needs about -62db to trigger the gate.
  2. Release sets the time to re-trigger and the gate close time from about 2ms to about 200ms.

SlowBeer is available as a freeware VST effect plugin for Windows.

More information: Fretted Synth

Oh, and while you’re over there check out the Drive5 amp simulation as well. It was FrettedSynths entry in the KVR DC 2006.

FrettedSynth Drive5

FrettedSynth Drive5

Drive-5 is an amp sim without speaker emulation and is meant to use convolution for the speaker emulation.