Frontline Producer Ultimate Drums Studio Edition

Frontline Producer has introduced Ultimate Drums – Studio Edition, a collection of loops, one hits and stems that cover everything a real drummer should do and so much more.

We set up the studio with his Mapex kit and though trial and error and a little luck, we ended up using nearly entirely SE mics on this. From the Beautiful Rupert Neve RNR1 Ribbons, to the ever versatile E4400as, as well as sE1a’s and 4s and even a 2200 as an ambient mic.

We smashed these through some of the Rupert Neve Pres and a couple of portico IIs and we had a really beautiful selection of sounds that we could mix into some great sounding stems and samples

We settled back pressed record and just enjoyed the grooves.

Ultimate Drums Studio Edition features

  • 1.44GB content, 24-bit quality.
  • 150 Live Drum Loops
    • 37 Drum Loops 75-96BPM.
    • 35 Drum Loops 100-116BPM.
    • 37 Drum Loops 120-126BPM.
    • 41 Drum Loops 130-180BPM.
  • 40 Drum Hits.
  • 3 Full Drum Tracks, 1 Ballard Track, 1 Funk Track & 1 Rock Track each including Hat Stem, Kick Stem, Overhead Stem, Room Stem, Snare Stem, 2 Tom Stems + Dry & Wet Track Mix.
  • 150 REX2 files.
  • 5 soft sampler patches for NN-XT, HALion, SFZ, Kontakt & EXS24.

The sample library is available from Loopmasters for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Frontline Producer / Ultimate Drums Studio Edition