FrozenPlain has introduced its new Mirage-powered virtual instrument in collaboration with Beautiful Void Audio. Deep Conjuring features a collection of dreamlike instruments for designing beautiful, strange and otherworldly tones that skirt the edge between sounding organic and synthetic.

Deep Conjuring is built around a diverse set of recordings from harps, flutes, violins, rain, tornado sirens, soft synths, and much more. These were then processed using a convolution-reverb-based processing chain. And then finally configured into 92 instruments; some of which are multisampled, some are loops and other are just kept as-is. You’ll find a similar set of samples in Beautiful Void Audio’s original product for Kontakt. Mirage offers a strong set of features for looping, crossfading and manipulating these samples.

Deep Conjuring for the free Mirage sample-based synthesizer engine (VST/AU) is on sale for the intro price of $39.20 USD until November 1st, 2022 (regular $49 USD).

More information: FrozenPlain