FrozenPlain has launched Slow, a Kontakt instrument library featuring contemporary ambient pads and textures.

It features a selection of sounds that can be blended and morphed with 2 layers. As well as this, Slow has a customizable interface.

Each sound layer has their own custom LFO’s that can modulate multiple parameters allowing for sounds with movement and swell to be created. Each layer has 4 effect slots, these have the categories Sculpt, Blur and Modify, with each category having a selection of effects available such as; reverb, convolution, tone, filters and distortion.

Slow is ideal for cinematic atmospheres or ambient music.

Slow features

  • 44 presets, 10 multi presets and 45 basic starter presets. (109 in total).
  • See the LFO modulation happen in real-time.
  • Convolution reverb with creative impulses.
  • ‘Tone’ effect that uses short impulse responses to shape the sound.
  • Ability to draw custom LFO waveforms or use the random/smooth controls.
  • Emotive samples made from granular/organic/synthesised sources.
  • Assign the modwheel to work as a macro slider.
  • 14 filter types.

Slow for Kontakt 5.5 or higher (full version) is available for purchase for $59 USD.

More information: FrozenPlain / Slow