ADSR Sounds is offering a discount on two limited time bundles of FrozenPlain VST/AU instruments, offering up to 77% off as part of its Pick Your Couple Valentine’s Day sale.

Priced only $19 USD instead of $84 USD, the Devoted Music Bundle includes the Music Box Suite and Scenic Vibrations.

At the core of Music Box Suite are 2 multi-sampled music boxes, both of which feature 4 round-robin. The first is the Victorian music box. This instrument has a warm antique tone. The second is the Tiny music box. This has a bright, sweet sound. By tastefully layering these 2 instruments, new compelling sounds can be made.

The sound of Scenic Vibrations is primarily organic in nature – with intriguing harmonics and natural swells of intensity. But at the same time, it is not wholly familiar to the ear. This dual-character makes Scenic Vibrations fit well with both your synthetic sound design and real instrumentation.

The Unrequited Love Bundle contains Phoenix and Wraith, two cinematic synths based on smooth synth strings and choir.

The core sounds of Phoenix are six synthetic strings and choirs instruments. These sounds are useful even before processing. Ethereal choirs and lush string pads can be made instantly. However, the three-layer structure of Mirage allows you to take these sounds even further.

Designed for versatile dark ambient and cinematic sound design, Wraith is a synthesiser for pads, drones and synthetic textures. It’s comprised of 230 audio samples grouped into 3 categories: Drones, Tonal and Textures and over 80 playable presets.

This bundle is on sale for just $24.99 USD until February 28th, 2022 (regular $94 USD).

More information: FrozenPlain