FSynthz RepeeteR

FSynthz has released RepeeteR, a free MIDI processor plug-in for Windows.

This MIDI processing unit lets you record a short midi phrase – and set it to loop immediately, for you to play to this loop. You need only one button/pedal (Sustain aka Hold by default) to control the record. The former loop still plays while you prepare to record a new one: the record starts on the first midi event you play, runs 1/2/4 bars (you set it), stops automatically – and the new recorded loop goes repeating from now on.

So you have to hit the Sustain only once (shortly) – to record a loop and set it to play.

RepeeteR features

  • Fractionally erase and punch-record onto existing loop using still same one button.
  • Auto-transposing supported (you have to play a 3-noted chord to have the keytone recognized and the loop immediately transposed).
  • Use two additional MIDI controllers: to halve the loop and to fade in/out using output velocities.
  • Two MIDI channels to output: the play-through and the record+loop – to drive two synths.

RepeeteR is available to download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows.

More information: FSynthz